A funnel Cloud seen from Binbrook, Ontario?

As I was sitting in the livingroom talking to my hubby tonight at about 8:20ish (I’m guessing there), SOMETHING in the sky caught my eye!  Those who know me well, know that it’s on my Bucket List to see a tornado – it’s a “thing” I have.  It’s pretty funny actually because I’m so NOT at all a risk taker anymore!  I used to be so obsessed that I even have a tattoo that says “Twister” on my ankle!

We leapt to the back door, grabbed every camera we could to capture this odd looking thing and this is the best shot we got before watching it go back up into the clouds!  AWESOME!  I put this picture on my Facebook and I have confirmation from a Facebook Friend that she saw it too while out walking her dog!  How cool is that??

Did anyone else see this?

*Please ignore the construction site and marvel at my lovely green lawn, ok? ;P

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  1. Check out the 1985 F4 tornado. I was a kid sitting right beside the race track and hotel in a car. The hotel and houses were wiped out from right beside me. I actually saw a horse fly over the highway and a car fly up into the air into a tree. To this day I am still addicted to storms.

    • Patti – you wanna know something crazy? I just talked to my dad and apparently I was 3 year old and on our way up to our family cottage during this storm – we apparently passed by the demolished race track 20 minutes after the storm passed. I knew I had a connection to this storm, that’s why I had to call my dad! Maybe that’s when/how passion developed too?! I can’t imagine having actually seen a horse and car fly like that!!!

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