5 Star Fitness Hamilton Deal!

Hello my awesome blog readers!  I feel like I haven’t written many in-depth posts for quite a while.  Life has been busy chasing both kids this summer and enjoying our time together.  I’ve also been working on getting Welcome Wagon ~ Binbrook established.  Home visits will be starting early-mid September and we already have so many fabulous sponsors!

On a non-Welcome Wagon related note, I’m feeling a bit pudgy these days. :)  With my kids BOTH starting school full time in September I’m trying to set myself up with some active “me” time and prepping myself for another long (GASP) WINTER.  I want something to do where I’m not going to be spending money on junk (be it food or clutter that fills my house) and will help me fit back into those nice small pants that are hiding somewhere in my closet.


I met with George today who works at all the 5 Star Fitness locations in Hamilton and helps sign up new members.  I got a tour of the gym which isn’t too big – but certainly big enough to suit my needs and there was a class in session.  Both George and the woman working at the front desk were so kind, flexible and eager to welcome our “Suburban Moms Media” network of moms  to join their club.  I am so excited that I joined the 5 Star Fitness community today!  George has generously extended the following offer to the members of Binbrook Ontario Moms, Ancaster Ontario Moms, Stoney Creek Ontario Moms, Mount Hope Ontario Moms, Dundas Ontario Moms, Grimsby Ontario Moms AND their family and friends!


$25.00/month (1 location)*

$35.00/month (All Locations)*

$10.00/month Kids Club (regularly $20.00/month)

*Based on a 12 month agreement

To get this deal you just have to call George (905) 929-1919 at 5 Star Fitness and let him know you are a member of one of the above groups, or let him know you read this blog post! (Mentioning that you heard about the deal from “Julie from Binbrook” will also work :) )

If we can get a minimum of 8 people interested in classes at a particular location (I will mainly be at the Upper Centennial club) 5 Star Fitness is willing to create our own private sessions!!!  I know I’ll feel much more comfortable being in a boot camp or yoga class with ladies I know, who I can laugh at my (out of shape) self with.

Please feel free to share this post with your friends and family.

Leave a comment below if you’re going to give George a call and join 5 Star Fitness with me :)  I can’t wait!

**When you talk to George, ask him about the discounts your membership card will get you at local restaurants (pretty good ones, 15-20% of!!)

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  1. Ashleigh says:

    You’re amazing Julie!! THANK YOU!!

  2. What about existing members? Will he honor this same price?

    • Carly Fidalgo says:

      Hello Maria, If you are out of your first year yes we will! If you want you can email me and i can give you some more detail carly@5star-fitness,com

  3. Lori Valyear says:

    Than you Julie! I am definitely interested. I would also be interested in a Binbrook Bootcamp class :)

    • Great! I’m so glad you’ll be joining us Lori! I’ll let you know once we get some private classes up and running for us!

  4. Jenn Pacey says:

    I go to that location as well. They are amazing. Wish I had waited for this deal though.

  5. Congratulations on the deal!!!!! George Is really great!!! So glad you got the deal!!! I’m a member and I love it there … Haven’t done a class yet though … Would be interested for sure!

  6. Jackie Wilson says:

    Wow!!!! Amazing!!! I’m definitely going to do this!! Thanks so much!!!

  7. Melissa says:

    I am so greatful Julie, thank you. My house hold will be going there. We will be signing up soon too!!

  8. Kristina says:

    Definitely joining :) Thanks Julie !

  9. Rebeca Suly says:

    Thanks Julie!!! I’m so excited. I’m currently a member of Goodlife fitness and was debating switching over because the clubs at SO far away: Limerisge mall, Barton and Upper James.

    You helped me make up my mind! I’m going to sign up today or tomorrow!!

    This is fantastic! So excited :)

  10. Patricia says:

    Thanks Julie for doing this!! I have wanted to get back to the gym for a long time, but never could afford to go!!! My sister and I will be checking it our for sure!!!

  11. Patricia says:

    Thanks Julie for doing this!! I have wanted to get back to the gym for a long time, but never could afford to go!!! My sister and I will be checking it our for sure!!!

  12. I’ll be calling! Thanks so much Julie!! And I am totally interested in the private classes!

  13. Yay! I think i’ll be looking into this for sure.
    Would they have a new class like Kettle bell if we requested it?

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